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Past Sales

17th Century Portuguese Pewter Candlesticks
Late 18th or Early 19th C Pine Spill Box
19th Century Game Board
​18th Century Cleated Hogscraper
19th Century Shaved Broom or Splint Broom
19thC Leather German Bible
1820 American Bible Society w/ Family Record
18th C German Catechism
Miniature1828  Village Hymns
Small 18th C Psalms of David
Early 19thc tin candle snuffer
17thc Pewter Pricket Candlestick
Early 19th C Pewter Plate
19thc Crimped Tin Candleholder
Tiny Tin and Wood Grater
Miniature 19thc Shaved Broom / Splint Broom
1794 Hand Sewn Recovered Book
Early Plate Rack Original Brown Paint
18th C Recovered Book
Crusty Heart Pipe Holder
19th C Tin + Wood Heart Mold
19th Century Carved Heart
Tiny 18th C Child's Shoe
19th C Tombstone Breadboard
19th C Tin Candle Sconce
19th C Leather Hunting Bag
18th Century Cleated Wedding Band Hogscraper Candlestick
Early Beehive Turned Bowl
Antique Splint or Shaved Broom
18th Century Iron Spectacles
18thC Steel Fish Broiler
1830 Fat German Bible
Make-Do Hogscraper Candlestick
Early Homemade Ink Dauber
Large Old Bee Skep
Small Splint Broom Brush
19thC Miniature Tin Chamberstick
Unusual Under The Beam Barn Hook
19th C Treen Serving Peel
18thC Rush Light
Thick 19th C German Bible
Sheet Iron Candle Lantern
German Bible Make-Do Repair
Miniature 19th C Bible
Early TreenClamshell Skimmer
17th C Brass Capstan Candlestick
18th C Beehive Turned Bowl
19th C Miniature Cutting Board
Miniature Watts Psalms & Hymns
Revolutionary War Musket Ball Lead Melting Utensil
Early Flax Comb
Hand Sewn Make Do Repair 18th C Psalms and Hymns
19th C Wood & Tin Grater
Hogscraper Candlestick Red Paint
Crusty Painted Turned Bowl
Early Tallow Candles
18th C Distaff
Small Early Shaved Broom Splint Broom
​Hand Sewn Recovered Leather Book
Civil War Era Mirror Black Paint
Early Maple Treen Plate
Hand Sewn Make Do Leather Book Cover
Leather Book Hand Stitched Repair
Circa 1772 New Hampshire Sewing Roll Up
19th C American Treen Soap Scoop
18th C Rundlet Original Sage Paint
19th C Leather Book Hand Sewn Repair
19th C Long Handled Staved Bucket
Ridlon Family Maine Family Record
American Maple Treen Plate